"Easy Weight Loss Once And For All" Masterclass

How to lose weight super effectively, easily and once and for all with self-hypnosis. Available for pre-order.

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During and after this course you will
  • rewrite your harmful eating programs
  • discover the reason for your cravings
  • transform the negative emotional energies
  • learn how to give yourself the feelings you lack
  • understand yourself better
  • understand other people better
  • increase your self-confidence
  • become the person you were born to be

That is lose way in a natural and easy way and become a new, self-confident person

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Course Curriculum

What you get from this course
Who is this course for?
Important: who should not take this course
When and how you should do the practicing?
When and how you mustn't practice?
About me, as your Instructor
Guided self-hypnosis for easy and effective learning
Where do our programs live?
Guided Self-hypnosis for setting the goal
What is suggestibility?
Why you need to develop it?
The "Lemon" Exercise
Conclusions of the "Lemon" exercise
"The balloon and the bucket of sand" exercise
Conclusions: Heavy thoughts vs soaring thoughts
The "Lifting hand" exercise
Conclusions and the compounding effect
Eye-catalepsy: the door to your subconscious
How you can improve your suggestibility?
How you block your suggestibility?
Conclusion to this section about suggestibility
Why is it crucial to communicate with the subconscious when we want to lose weight?
The rules of communication with the subconscious
Receiving idio-motoric responses
Communicating through sensations, images and so on
What is a trance state and how we can use it for weight loss
Why is it important to recognize our trance state?
How can we recognize the trance state?
Guided self-hypnosis for recognizing the trance state
Guided Self-hypnosis exercise for a deeper trance
Exercise: Going down to the A, B and C level
Exercise: Going into Deep Trance in less than 5 seconds
Breathing and tension in the body - telltale signs
Exercise: Slowing down the time
Writing your own suggestions
Exercise: Becoming aware of the misinterpreted signals of the body
Exercise: What the body wants
How to do it?
Compiling your suggestions
Creating a summary
Creating your Slogan and Symbol
Making the anchor

Irina Furin


I'm a hypnotist in transforming therapy. My teacher was Dr. John Butler, Gil Boyne's, the revolutionary master hypnotist's friend and student. I'm a Reiki Master and have also studied parapsychology to gain an insight into my own experiences.

Transforming hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis changed my life so deeply and in so many positive ways that it literally set me free of my old, limiting self. It is, of course, still an ongoing process, as I expand my consciousness to always larger and wider parts of my inner self, but if anything was worth the effort, money and time to learn, then definitely THIS WAS IT!

Being a hypnotist, I still practice self-hypnosis on a daily basis, at least two hours a day. It has become an invaluable source of inspiration, guidance and learning, and over the past years I developed several techniques to help my clients reach the same results or even greater.

I realized, and I experience it day by day, that our inner consciousness has all the power, wisdom and confidence we seem to lack in our daily life, the source is not that hard to reach, and it comes willingly if we call it.

That's why, after helping my clients to solve some emotional issues they didn't seem to be able to cope with on their own, I encourage them to learn self-hypnosis, learn the workings of the inner mind and become their own masters.

As a helper, I'm deeply moved and inspired every time I see a person get rid of his/her limiting energies and suddenly awaken to the freedom that comes to them as a gulp of fresh air. It's a wonderful feeling. I work, so that they realize that they don't need me anymore, because they can continue on their own.

This is why I created Free-new-you, and these courses: to guide people back to their INNER SOURCE. To help them free themselves.